Admission Procedure

General Information

The admission of pupil is subject to the availability of seats and according to the criteria fixed by LA MATINA SCHOOL. The pupil must be introduced by parents/ Guardian who must provide a file comprising documentsa as detailed out in the section titled “DOCUMENTS”.

Admission Information

The admission procedure at LA MATINA SCHOOL is as follows:-

  • Admission are give subject to the fulfillment of admission criteria and availability of seats without any reference to caste, class, creed, political or beauraucratic inclination.
  • Right to admission is reserved with the School management. The school can reject any admission without assigning any reason there of.
  • Read the brochure and other details cautiously and attach the necessary documents with the application from.

Admission Process

Obtaining Application Forms

You cane procure the admission from from the office window of La Matina School by paying Rs. 150.00 in cash which is non-refundable. If you have any doubts you can interact with the help desk of La Matina School at anytime during office hours to dispel with your question.


  • Birth Certificate
  • Original copy of Transfer Certificate (T.C.) in case of student having attended some other school.
  • Ten (10) passport size colored photographs
  • Photo copy of progress/Report card of the previous school attended.
  • Kindly provide complete communication details such as residential address office numbers, cell phone numbers etc. Also provide 2 alternative phone/ cell numbers of your friends/relatives. Please remember that these communication details are important in order to establish contact with you in case of emergency. The information will be kept confidential.

Test / Interaction

There will only be interaction with the pupil. However a formal test will be conducted for the child seeking admission to Grade I and II. Observations recorded during interaction with the child will from the basis for acceptance of admission by the school.

Students seeking admission to primary section will have to face an oral/written examination. The decision of admission to primary section will be made on the basis of the performance. The testing procedure will be suitable to the age of the child. In addition to above, the following requirements are mandatory.

  • Bring your child for the test/interaction with admission form duly completed in all respect enclosing the photocopies of all pertinent documents listed in the document in all respect enclosing the photocopies of all pertinent documents listed in the document section.
  • Date of test will be displayed on the notice board and the test will be held during the school hours.
  • List of admission confirmed will be displayed on the notice board.
  • The admission decision of La Matina School will be final and binding on the parents.

Admission Confirmation

  • Admission will however be confirmed only on the payment of fee and submission of required documents. In case of transfer certificate, if it can not submitted at the time of admission it must be produced before the session starts otherwise the admission will stand cancelled.
  • Parents and guardians will have to sing the Admission Acceptance from which will confirm their financial commitments to the School, and the declaration that they themselves and their wards will adhere to protocol of the school in force from time to time.
  • The decision of the school, regarding admission, will be fined & binding on the parents.