Rules & Regulations

School Transport

  • Guardians are requested to make their own conveyance arrangemenat as far as possible.
  • Van & Rickshaw are a ailable for students.
  • lf guardians donot want to avail the transport facilitym after having availed it for some time, they must give two months prior notice and pay two months transport charge.
  • Transport charges are payable quarterly i.e. 3 montns
  • In case of any breakdown, parent will have to make their own transoort arrangement till the vehicle is road worthv
  • The school will take utmost care to ensures travel.however in the event of any accident, wil not be liable or any damages/charges on account of injuries fatal or otherwise,which may be sustained by the studentw while utilizing school transport. All expensesth that may be incurred in the treatment of such injuries will be borne by the Parents/ Guardians.

Fee Rules

  • Fee must be deposited quarterly(as in the fee book)in the Bank A/c of Matina Philanthropic and Educational Society in the Lakhimpur Urban Co-operativ Bank, Lakhimpur -Kheri in Cash.
  • Parents are requested to be attentive while filling in the fee deposits slips so as to avoid any inconvenience that might be causedd due to incorrect entries.
  • children against whom any dues are outstanding wil not be allowed to attend classes or appear in the exminations.
  • Parents may deposit fee in advance if they wish.( 20th April).
  • Cheques are not accepted.
  • Any Fee, once paid to the school, is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • Late payment of fee wiil be accepted with late fee of Rs, 25 upto 20th & Rs 50 upto 28th of every month,In case of further default payment of fee,the name of the student will be struck of the rolls and can only be restored after payment of re-admission fee.

Recommendations and Parental Control

  • Parents are requested to go through their child's diary everyday and guide the child in completing the homework assigned.
  • Remarks made in the school diary must be acknowledged and countersigned regularly by the parents.
  • Criticism of a teacher or schooll in the presence of the child is to be avoided, as it may cause the student to lose respect for his teacher and the school.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet their children or teachers durring the school hours.
  • Parents are expected to participate regularly in the school functions whenever they are invited and presence of one parenti n the Parent-Teacher meetings is compulsory.
  • Our School teachers donot give tuition to their students.Therefore do not approach teachers for private tuitions, if found so the child will be terminated.
  • Parents are requested to informt the institution of any change of address.
  • Parents should ensure that their wards take an active part in school activities.
  • Parents should ensure that their wards do not wear any jewellery and make-up of any kind. Nails are to be trimmed regularly.
  • The School does not accept responsibility for loss of books, ,money, clothes and other items belonging to the student.
  • Any kind of damaged done to the school property or premises by a studenits to be made good by him/her.
  • Childrens should be escorted to and from the school by authorisedp persons only.
  • For information or complaints meet the Principal not the class teacher. Do not meet teachers duringc class hour.
  • Give complaints in writing in your child's schoodl diary.
  • Ensure that your child comes to school neatly dressed in the prescribed school uniform.
  • Please observe fees schedules strictly.
  • Parents' co-operatio is solicited in maintaining punctuality regularitay and discipline in all school functions.
  • All students of the school should be regular and punctual. Students who arrive late shall not be allowed to attend class withou the permission of the Principal.
  • No child is to be absent without a written leave application. In case of infectious diseases the child will not be allowed to attend the school without a fitness certificate from an authorized medical practitioner.
  • Students are expected to maintain high values of the school by their mannered, discipline and commitment to studies.