Opening Hours

  • Monday08am - 02pm
  • Tuesday08am - 02pm
  • Wednesday08am - 02pm
  • Thrusday08am - 02pm
  • Friday08am - 02pm
  • Saturday08am - 12:30pm

Targets of School

Targets of Schools

  • To sustain and improve the quality of learning and teaching programmes.
  • To ensure that curriculum is ever-evolving entity which aims to challenge, inspire and encourage all students.
  • To demonstrate that active experimental learning is more effective than passive learning gained through conventional teaching methodology.
  • To expose children to the concept of service to the wider community and to those in need
  • To develop high level of competencies, knowledge and skills in our students.
  • To develop and broaden the talents and interests of all students and encourage efforts towards excellence and to give students the capacity to work extensively and creatively.
  • To encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and to view learning as an exciting, ongoing and lifelong process.
  • To assist in the development of each child’s cognitive, physical and creative potential.
  • To be a non-sectarian school that aims to foster spiritual values.
  • To ensure that everyone associated with La Matina School work towards social inclusion and religion tolerance.
  • We aim at restricting the class size to the strength of forty (40) students, as per CBSE norms, so as to provide maximum attention to each and every students.